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Show Jumping Competition Open to All 21.7.24

New Revised Schedule 

North Lincs Riding Club

Show Jumping Competition

& Clear Round

Open to all
LRAC, Kenwick, Louth

LN11 8NR

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There is a £1 fee for First Aid on collection of number for the day.

Pre-Entry for clear round and Classes.
Entries on Day but may be limited

Clear Round 9:30am  35cm and after class 3  75cm all at £5 a round.

Classes start approx. 10:00(Dependant on clear round entries)

Approx class times will be published prior to event.

Entry Fees: £10 Members & £13 Non member

Cash Prizes = 1st - £15, 2nd - £10, 3rd- £5 for each competition


 Rosettes awarded to 6th Place, Prizes may be withheld or substituted for prizes in kind if insufficient entries.

1-4 withheld, 5-7 first prize only, 8 plus 1st,2nd,3rd 

Class 1 35cm Single Phase - Starter Horse/Pony. Open to any genuine novice horse/pony and/or rider. Lead reins and assisted allowed). Competitors entering this class cannot enter above class 3
Class 2 40cm Single Phase - Pre-Novice Horse/Pony. Open to any horse/rider combination. Competitors entering this class cannot enter above class 4
Class 3 50cm Single Phase - Pre-Novice Horse/Pony. Open to any horse/rider combination. Competitors entering this class cannot enter above class 5
Class 4 60cm Single Phase - Pre-Novice Horse/Pony. Open to any horse/rider combination. Competitors entering this class cannot enter above class 6
**Half Hour Clear Round ** set at 70cm £5 

Class 5 70cm Single Phase Open to any horse/rider combination.                              
Class 6 80cm Single Phase Open to any horse/rider combination
Class 7 90cm Single Phase Open to any horse/rider combination
Class 8 100cm + Single Phase Open to any horse/rider combination. Course will be built to appropriate height at the judge’s discretion on the day.

Rules and information: HARD HATS to the current standard MUST be worn by anyone mounted on a horse/pony.

  • Please clean up droppings from the car park (there are bins around the parking area).
    Do not leave horses tied outside of trailer/lorries.
  • Please do not litter but take your rubbish home. ALL horses/ponies must be 4 years or older to jump.
  • Jumping classes to be held under BRC rules
  • Hair must be secured above the collar.
  • Only three rounds per Horse or Pony allowed.

This rule will be adhered to in the strictest form so please make sure you are aware.

  • Whips (Show Jumping and Cross-Country) One whip is permitted and must be between 45cm and 75cm and must not be weighted or feature a hard point at the end. The end of the whip must be padded. The ‘pad’ must be smooth with no protrusion or raised surface (which includes embroidery) and be made of a shock absorbing material throughout its circumference. No substitute for a whip may be carried.
  • 1

    G23.1.1: Whips The use of the whip must be for an appropriate reason, at an appropriate time, on the correct area of the horse and with the appropriate level of response.

    Appropriate Reason: The whip must only be used as an aid to support the natural aids in encouraging the pony/horse forward, or to help the rider to encourage the pony/horse in the right direction. For example, it may be used down the shoulder to keep a horse straight on the approach to a fence.

    It must never be used to vent a rider’s temper; any use for such a reason is automatically excessive.

  • Appropriate Time: As an aid, the appropriate time is when the pony/horse is reluctant to go forward under natural aids i.e. seat and legs. Its use, for instance, after a refusal is excessive.

    Its use after elimination is excessive.

    Right area of the horse: As an aid to go forward the whip may be used down the shoulder or behind the rider’s leg.

    The use of a whip on a pony’s/ horse’s head or neck is always excessive use.

    Appropriate Level of Response: the whip should never be used more than three times during any incident; and if the pony/horse is marked by the whip (skin broken or a welt) its use is excessive.

     (The rider is expected to know if the pony/horse has sensitive skin and must use the whip accordingly). The arm should never be raised above the shoulder whilst using the whip. The whip should always be carried and used in the backhand (handle pointed upwards) position and never in the forehand position (handle pointed downwards). Misuse of a whip: If, in the opinion of the judge/official, a whip is misused/ overused the rider may face up to 25 penalties or disqualification at the discretion of the Official Steward

  • Prizes may be withheld/substituted if insufficient entries.

The Committee will not be held responsible for damage caused to any persons/property while on the show ground. We do have an official photographer at our competitions. If you do not wish to have your photos published then please inform the riding club secretary at the competition, many thanks NLRC. Contact 07763332343



Event Information

Event Date 21-07-2024 9:30 am
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 69
Individual Price Members £10 Non - Member £13

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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