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Dressage Times for 27th June 2021

 Please inform the secretary of your arrival, there will be no numbers issued. Please let the Gate person know who you are when you enter for your test. Respect all covid restrictions and stay apart, there are QR codes for track and trace around the centre.

27th June 2021
Intro A
09:30 Sharon Wilson Sharmic Delyth
09:35 Emma Holland Evah
09:40 evie Williamson Looby
09:45 Susan wych Romeo Blue
09:50 Sian Kiszczuk Belchford Ffansi
09:55 Emily Arrand Billy Breeze
10:00 Oli norbury Merlin
10:05 Tracey Dawson Bobby
10:10 Ellie Scarr Henry
10:15 Suzie Otty My Belle D'Or
10:20 Rebecca Justice Ailby Calypso
10:25 Helen Priestley Domino Roulette
10:30 Laura Seward Whitehawk Blazing Blue Sparrow
Intro C 10:45 Emily Arrand Billy Breeze
10:50 Laura Seward Whitehawk Blazing Blue Sparrow
10:55 Oli norbury Merlin
11:00 Ellie Scarr Henry
11:05 Tracey Dawson Dale
11:10 Amy Williamson Looby
11:15 Susan wych Romeo Blue
11:20 Katie Merrett My Fair Lady
11:25 Jane Bauckham Mick Girl
P12 11:51 Judith holroyd Jigsaw
11:57 Sue Ward So It Is
12:04 Lara Clover Daisy
12:10 Lynn Cobb Hatatitla
12:17 Rachael Shaw Jimmy Mack
12:23 Sarah Turner Foxy Friday
P14 12:36 Sue Ward So It Is
12:43 Heather Nicholson Daisy
12:50 Jane Bauckham Mick Girl
12:57 Helen Priestley Domino Roulette
01:03 Katie Merrett My Fair Lady
01:10 Sharon Wilson Sharmic Delyth
01:16 Sara Hudson Kiltartan Missy
01:23 Sarah Turner Foxy Friday
01:29 Rachael Shaw Jimmy Mack
01:36 Emma Holland Evah
N24 01:53 Alexandra Stewart Beau
02:00 Charlotte Thrower Lady Madison May
N28 02:13
02:20 Alexandra Stewart Beau
02:26 Fiona Wray Alkborough Jester
02:33 Vivien Spencer Toynton Zaraah
02:40 Charlotte Thrower Lady Madison May
02:46 Meriel Bertie Tulla Clover
E42 02:53
03:00 Rebecca Justice Ramiros Fling
03:07 Fiona Wray Alkborough Jester
03:21 Rebecca Justice The surfing smurf

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