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Team Results 2017

Area 16 Intermediate Showjumping Qualifier - 12th February - Brooksby College


A great start to the qualifying year with a win for the senior team of Liz Pears, Charlotte Thrower, Marie Bull & Allie Esser-Mumby & to our junior rider Ralfie Timmins who  have all qualified for the championships at Bury Farm.


Well done everyone

Area 16 Intermediate Dressage Qualifier - 26th February - Hill House



Another great day for the North Lincs this time at the Area Intermediate Dressage Qualifier which was held at Hill House EC.


Our senior team of Libbie Norton, Corinne Mcnamara, Melissa Atkinson & Sue Ward won & so will be joining the showjumping team at the championships at Bury Farm.


Our junior team of Ellie Roberts, Neve Mumby & Mollie Pettigrew came =1st but unfortunately when this happens the result goes to the 4th member & with no 4th member the girls came 2nd which is still a great result.  Both Ellie & Mollie however did well in their arena's & both have qualified for the championships individually.


Other individually placings were Neve Mumby 5th, Mollie Pettiegrew 2nd, Ellie Roberts 1st, Libbie Norton 1st, Richard Adams 3rd & 5th, Corinne Mcnamara 5th, Emma Blewitt 3rd & Sue Ward 1st.



Well done everyone

Area 16 Horse Trials Qualifier - Osberton - Sunday 19th March


Well done to our 2 senior teams who took part in the above qualifier.


The 80 team of Darrly Simpson, Rebecca Short, Lynda Coulson & Harriet Herron came 4th with an individual 3rd place for Darryl which we believe qualifies him for the championships.


The 90 team of Robyn Lawrie, Laura Bennett, Fiona Lawrie & Jess Milson came 3rd with an individual 6th place for Laura


Well done everyone

Area 16 Combined Training Qualifier - Arena UK _ Sunday 26th March


Well done to our senior team of Emma Blewitt, Kelly Bascombe-Bell, Vickie Butler & Alex Mcnamara who came 2nd at the qualifier & so have qualified for the championships.


Individual placings of Alex 2nd, Emma 4th & Kelly 5th.


Well done everyone

Area 16 - Festival of the Horse Qualifier - Sunday 16th April at Epworth EC


Yet again our members did not disappoint with great results at the Area 16 Festival of the Horse Qualifier.


Our 100 team of Liz Pears, Laura Bennett & Julie Roark came 1st & so have qualified for the championships.  Laura was individually 1st & Liz individually 2nd.


Fiona Lawrie was 5th individually in the 90 section and the 80 section team of Darryl Simpson, Charlotte Chisholm & Issy Timmins came 5th with Darryl getting individually 6th.


Well done everyone

Congratulations to our junior member Ellie Roberts who won both her novice & elem arena's at the recent BRC Intermediate Championships held at Bury Farm.


And to our senior showjumping team of Charlotte Thrower, Liz Pears, Marie Bull & Laura Bennett who came 3rd with Laura also taking part in the jump off by jumping a double clear.


Well done Ladies 

Ellie Showjumping team

Area 16 Dressage Qualifier - Sunday 4th June - Sheepgate


Well done to all our members who took part in the qualifier.

Once again our members did not let the club down with wins for the senior prelim team of Libbie Norton, Emily Arrand, Laura Bennett & Charlotte Thrower with ind placings of Libbie 1st, Laura 2nd & Charlotte 4th.

Both Libbie & Charlotte also won their novice arena's.

Our junior team of Abby Davie, Mollie Pettigrew & Jodie Reay came 2nd with ind placings of Jodie & Mollie both winning their arenas & Abby came 2nd.

Our senior open team of Richard Adams, Laura Watts & Sue Ward came 2nd with ind placings of 5th for Richard & 3rd for both Laura & Sue.

Our other open team of Aderyn Walker, Emma Blewitt & Sonia Burley came 6th with ind placings of Emma 6th & Aderyn 4th.

Ellie Roberts also took part in the elem individually & won.


Well done everyone






Area 16 Showjumping Qualifier this Sunday at Eagle Moor


Well done to all our members who took part in the qualifier yesterday.  Once again our members did not let the club down with some great results.


70cm junior Ind   Neve Mumby   2nd


70cm Senior team - 2nd

Sara Hudson (2nd ind), Alison Bourne (4th Ind), Issy Timmins & Kelly Baskcomb-bell


80cm Junior team - 1st

Rebecca Flowers (4th Ind), Maisie Short (6th ind), Tiggie Spence (2nd ind) & Ralfie Timmins


80cm Senior team - 3rd

Charlotte Chisholm, Lynda Coulson, Issy Timmins & Rebecca Short


90cm Senior team - 2nd

Charlotte Thrower, Liz Pears, Fiona Lawrie & Robyn Lawrie (6th ind)


100cm team - 2nd

Dawn Lock, Kayleigh Clarke, Allie Mumby & Ralfie Timmins (2nd ind)


Junior Style Team - 2nd

Maisie Short (3rd ind), Rebecca Flowers (2nd ind), Tiggie Spence (5th Ind) & Ralfie Timmins


Senior Style Team - 1st

Charlotte Chisholm (5th ind), Rebecca Short, Allie Mumby (6th ind) & Charlotte Thrower (2nd ind)


Well Done everyone

Northern Championships - Bishop Burton - Sunday 27th August 2017



Great day for our members at the championships.


Our 70cm showjumpers kicked off the day in great style by winning, fantastic result for Sara Hudson, Caroline Heard & Alex Mcnamara.

The 80cm showjumping team of Issy Timmins, Lynda Coulson, Rebecca Short & Alex Mcnamara came 6th.

The 90cm showjumping team of Charlotte Thrower, Caroline Heard & Liz Pears came 3rd with Liz being individual 2nd.

The 100 cm showjumping team of Dawn Lock, Kayleigh Clarke & Ralfie Timmins came 2nd with Ralfie being individual 1st & Kayleigh 2nd.

Lastly our dressage team of Emma Blewitt, Aderyn Walker, Richard Adams & Sue Ward came 2nd with Richard being individual 1st, Aderyn & Emma 2nd & Sue 3rd & 5th.


Well done everyone


BRC National Championships - Sat & Sun 2nd & 3rd Sept - Lincs Showground


Well another 2 great days of competition with our members once again doing the club proud.


The seniors started the weekend of on Saturday with Charlotte Thrower (pictured) riding Julie Marx's Maddie stealing the show by coming 2nd in her Novice arena, winning her Prelim arena, came 6th in the style jumping & was part of the 4th place prelim team along with Emily Arrand who came a fantastic 6th, Liz Pears & Libbie Norton.

Charlottes fab day is made more special as Julie who owns Maddie has served for many years on the North Lincs committee giving endless hours of her own time back to the horse community so it is lovely to see her horse having such a great day.


Aderyn Walker took part in the new veteran rider class & was placed 3rd & Ralfie Timmins who isn't quite a senior yet took part in the 100cm showjumping. No placing but Ralfie did jump double clear to get through to the jump off against riders an awful lot older than him.


Sunday saw the juniors taking part with once again great results.


Jodie Reay (pictured) won her prelim arena, Ellie Roberts came 3rd in her Elem arena & Rebecca Flowers also came 3rd in the style jumping.

Well done to all our other junior members who took part at the championship, Tiggi, Maisie, Abby & Ralfie


Well done everyone,


Area 16 Novice & Intermediate Winter Dressage Qualifiers

Saturday 7th Ocotber at Arena UK


Well Done


To all our members who took part in the Area Winter Dressage Qualifiers at Arena UK.


Congratulations go to Alex Mcnamara who won the novice prelim arena, to Laura Bennett who won the Intermediate prelim arena & to Ellie Roberts who won the intermediate junior elementary arena.  Subject to confirmation all 3 of you should have qualified for the championships.


Other places were the senior novice team of Alex, Claire Colebrook, Sonia Burley & Aderyn Walker (4th ind) came 2nd & our other senior team of Caroline Heard (6th ind), Kelly Bascombe-bell, Laura Bennett (5th ind) & Sue Ward (6th Ind) came 3rd.


The intermediate team of Rebecca Slowley, Aderyn Walker, Sue Ward & Richard Adams (3rd ind) came 3rd.

Other individual placings were Ralfie Timmins 4th & 5th in the junior prelims.  Ellie 2nd & Richard 4th in the medium.  Alex 4th in the intermediate prelim & Sonia 5th in the intermediate novice.


Well done everyone


Area 16 Novice & Intermediate Winter Showjumping Qualifiers

Sunday 5th November at Arena UK


Well done to all our members who took part in the above qualifier.


Lots of team placings again so thank you very much for being part of a team & doing the club proud.


Junior 80cm of Neve Mumby, Ralfie Timmins, Ania Nurish-Walker & Maisie Short came 2nd

Senior 80cm of Tiger Urry, Laura Watts & Rebecca Short also came 2nd

Senior 90cm of Liz Pears, Laura Bennett, Charlotte Thrower & Charlotte Chishorm came 3rd with Liz being individual 5t

The mixed  100cm team of Dawn Lock, Kayleigh Clark & Ralife Timmins came 5th

Ralfie also took part indivdually in the 90cm & the 110cm & came 5th in the later


Well done everyone