Points Table 2017

 • Points are awarded to placed combinations

1st = 6 points

2nd = 5 points


• Both members and Non members are awarded North Lincs points

Although only members are eligible for the points trophy awarded at the AGM

• If less than 6 in a class then points are awarded pro rata

• Combined training points are added to the running total and the combined training trophy but not to the Dressage points trophy.

• New members details will be recorded correctly but may indicate as non members until the website is updated.

• Please advise of any combination no longer competing to enable us to update the points.

• Please check eligibility before competing.


Newcomers - No BD points,Not more than 30 NLRC points, Rider not to have competed at BD Elementary or above.

Prelim – Horses to have no more than 49 BD points or 50 NLRC Dressage point.

Novice – Horses to have no more than 124 BD points. Horses with more than 124BD points and not graded BD Medium must do Elementary.


Novice – Combination not to have won more than £20 or 20 NLRC SJ points

• Any queries please contact Sue Ward This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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