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29th October Show Cross – INSIDE OUT




Kenwick Hill


LN11 8NR



Pre entry, closing date 25.10.17  


A round of Show Jumping then out into the grounds of LRAC over an optimum timed course of Rustic knock down fences.

A Competition for Individuals, Pairs and Teams of 3.

Pre-entry only


or for direct payment details


Entry fee Individuals £15, Pairs £30, Teams of 3 £45


Closing date: 25.10.17


First Aid fee £1 payable on collection of number(s)


Prize money Individuals: 1st £20, 2nd £15,3rd £10


Teams: 1st £60, 2nd £30, 3rd £15


Pairs:  1st 40 2nd 20, 3rd £10


The organisers reserve the right to withhold/ substitute Prize money if insufficient entries.

Contact: Pauline Gale 01472 587838 Mob: 07763332343

Or email


Class 1 Individual – 55cm


Class 1a Team of 3


Class 2 Individual – 65cm


Class 2a Team of 3


Class 3 Pairs – 65cm Pairs


Class 4 Individual - 75cm


Class 4a Team of 3


Times will be available on Friday the 27th October and posted on our Website and on Facebook

Or by phone between 6pm and 7:30pm Pauline on 01472 587838



Pre entry, closing date 25.10.17  

Start Times will be given for the Show jumping round and then riders make there way to the start of XC course.

Show jumping and Cross country will be timed.

Results: Clear rounds nearest optimum time, then Faults incurred from the show jumping or XC to give the results at the end of the class for placings.

Pairs: Faults will be counted for knockdowns but in the XC phase if the first rider knocks the fence the second rider will ride through and only one knockdown will be counted.

Teams: Riders riding as a team will also be riding as individuals

E.g. Team may come second but one of the team may be the highest individual and be placed first in the individual competition.

Dress Code: Hats need to be to the current standard. (If not In the case of an accident Insurance companies will not recompense you)

Back protectors are optional.

Cross country colours maybe worn.

No stop watches allowed.


Please respect KENWICKS REQUEST of Yard protocol

DO NOT leave your Horse Tied up outside with a Hay Net

Pick up your horse droppings

Take your RUBBISH home with you.

Down load Schedule Payment details and entry form