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If you are a new member, welcome or a returning member; thank you for your continued support of the North Lincs Riding Club. This means that you are now part of the Riding Club movement, which is the largest organisation affiliated to the British Horse Society. British Riding Clubs has over 440 affiliated clubs, 21 Riding Centres split into 23 areas across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Isles with more than 34,000 members.


Being a member also entitles you a whole range of benefits from insurance to discounts for products, reduced entry to events across the country and your Rider magazine - check out the BHS website for full details.


We are part of Area 16, which spreads south as far as Peterborough and west as far as Leicester and is bounded on the north and east by the Humber and the North Sea.  Representatives from the Clubs in Area 16 meet regularly to discuss what is going to happen in our area and to discuss the running and organisation of the area qualifiers for Riding Club Team Championships.


Each area holds qualifiers in almost every area of competition, namely, show jumping, horse trials, dressage and hunter trials. Sometimes a single club will take on the event or collaboration between two or three of these clubs will take place.  The standard required for these competitions ranges from the very novice to the quietly competent, i.e. within the scope of almost every riding club member.


The dressage and show jumping championships are held at the Lincolnshire Showground, whilst the hunter trials and horse trial championships are a little further afield.  However, there is no doubt being part of a team can be inspiring (if a little nerve wracking) and the North Lincs has an excellent team record in every discipline.

Having said that, being a member is not just about competing and we strive to provide events for all combinations of horse and rider to enjoy - the aim is to improve and encourage horsemanship, whether on the ground or mounted and therefore training and instruction are part of the programme.


If you are not interested in competing or have not been fortunate enough to qualify, volunteers are always needed so put your hand up or join the volunteer club. There are benefits to this too.  At Local and area competitions, volunteers play a large part and are always needed.  We are required at area qualifiers and championships to provide a certain number of helpers and even at local club events it is always appreciated even just for an hour.


However, for the sheer pleasure of just being out with your horse, there are few better places to be than riding through Pillar Woods in May when the leaves are just sprouting on the trees and seeing the bluebells in full bloom and the old turf invites a canter up to Pelham’s Pillar.


Finally, Riding Clubs are run by Committees and all Committee members are volunteers and members too, no one gets paid and everyone gives many hours of time and effort - please bear this in mind if sometimes things don’t just go right - we are doing our best!


I look forward to seeing you during the year.


Pauline Gale

Hon Secretary